You may refer to me as Sigyn, the Goddess of Fidelity, Incantation fetter, the Northern Star, Lady of the Staying Power, Lady of Unyielding Gentleness, Lady of the Unconquerable Heart, Victory Woman. Mother to Narvi and Vali, and wife to Loki, the God of Mischief.

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"If he really cares about you, milady, he will run back into your embrace in no time. But based of experience…" Loki gave a nonchalant shrug. Its better to tell the truth than to lie sometimes. "He will take his sweet time planing mischief while he is with his… brother."

"You missed nothing, Lady Sigyn…," he gently took her hand into his and gave a comforting squeeze, eyes gleaming only with a certain amount of joy for he has plenty in his mind. "I am not dead yet. I still have to go through Ragnarok and bring Asgard down. I would love to have you on the front seat for that event."

At what he said about Theoric, Sigyn could only sigh softly and look down towards the ground. Sometimes she just felt unworthy of many things, not just Loki’s friendship…

When he took her hand in his in that comforting way however, the goddess looked back up at him and the joy on his face made a soft smile appear once more on her rosy lips. “Oh, I’d be honored to be on that seat. You know that no matter what happens, I will always support you, Loki. That’s what best friends are for.” She placed her other hand on his, giving it a reassuring squeeze just like he had. 

"But does that mean you are planing on unleashing Ragnarok any time soon?" 




MYTHOLOGY MEME ~ [1/7] Norse Gods/Goddesses ~ Loki

…the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer, and the Sky Traveler (x)



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MCU Meme:

five outfits [2/5] → Loki

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Evolution of a god

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A Little Miracle || Loki and Sigyn



The healer had no idea on what to do when Loki just hugged her but to smile. It was nice seeing the King like this. “Congratulations, your Majesty…!” She chuckled. 

An hour passed before Sigyn stirred and lazily opened her eyes, recognizing that she was in the healing rooms. Then she saw her husband there too and a dreamy smile appeared on her lips as one of the healers was quickly there by her side and before she could ask what was wrong with her, she got an explanation. “My Queen, you need not stress yourself. We have discovered you are with child. Congratulations.” The woman smiled gently and the goddess gasps slightly in surprise, light eyes widening. “I’m pregnant? Is everything alright with the baby?” The asked quick and the other nodded.

"There is no need to worry. As the King has been instructed, all you need is much rest." The healer looked over towards Loki. "You may take her to back to your sleeping chambers but carefully. She may still be a little weak to properly walk too long on her own."

Loki nodded to them and just scooped Sigyn up, deciding to carry her through the halls. “Come, love, let’s get you in bed,” He said with a smile as he took her back to their chambers. “Darling,” he started softly, placing her down on the sun warmed silks, “We’re going to be parents again. Can you believe it?”

Sigyn let out a little surprised sound when he scooped her up but quickly relaxed again. This man can do anything he wants to with her and she’ll be completely alright with it, because she trusts him. When they reach their room and he places her on their bed, one of her hands places itself on her lower abdomen, caressing it gently. “A little one.. after all this time. It’s almost like starting over again, isn’t it?” She smiled. 

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